Alexia Lisa Drake (alexia_drake) wrote in actress_ic,
Alexia Lisa Drake

Mod Post // Applications

- I heard today that both jussy_baby and nyahnna have decided to step down from being a Mod and a Banner Maker of actress_ic. They were doing a great job, but I'd like to get some help for the future challenges.

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EDIT: I'm not looking for a co-mod at the moment, but more banner makers are always welcome.

- For a Co-Mod application :
1.) First Name or Nickname.
2.) Do you currently Mod some Communities? If so, which one(s), and for how long?
3.) Why should I choose you? Convince me that you're the one to entrust this community.
Also, I can send you templates for the challenges/voting/winners/reminders in text files, to save you a lot of time when you will have to post.

- For a Banner Maker application :
1.) First Name or Nickname.
2.) Two or three example of banners. If you don't have any you can make them up with random usernames.
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