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Welcome - Questions - Suggestions

Welcome to actress_ic :D

If you are not familiar with icontest communities, please read the rules in the profile first.

- Do you have any questions about this community?
- Do you have any suggestions for future challenges?
- Your opinion matters, so please comment to this post!

The comments are screened, so don't be shy :D

Should you wish to spread to words about this community, there are promo codes under the cut that you can copy and paste in journals, communites or comments.

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Some themes that might be interesting:

- vintage (the icon should look like an old pic/have some kind of aging effect on it)
- dressed up/down (the claimed actress dressed to the nines/for an event; or down to jeans & shirt or less)
- outdoors
- black & white/splash of color (the object is b/w, the background colored or vice versa)
- with animals (either in a role they played or a photoshoot)
- significant other/family
- old vs new (their first appearance vs. the latest)
- valentine's day
Thank you for your suggestions :)

Here are some ideas:

1. Purple (actresses wearing the color or it being featured in the icon some how).
2. Actresses + hair porn.
3. Young actresses (17 or younger).
4. Fairytale characters (tv or movie).
5. Favorite characters (tv or movie).
6. Actresses + animals.

Thank you for your suggestions! Some of those have been done before, but they can be done again :D
I don't know if those are already done.

White Background
colors ( give one color to make icons or 4 colors for 4 icons.)
wearing Hat
Short Hair
social network pic ( etc... fb,twitter,Instagram)
Song title
Blonde Actress
Blue Eyes Actress
Looking up / down
Water/ Wet
+1 ( with another Actress)
Almost all of those have been done before, but we can use the same ideas again if it's been years :D Thank you for your suggestions, I'll start with the ones that are new.
Some theme suggestions:

+ Favourite Character

+ Favourite Screenshot

+ Object

+ Texture

+ Grunge

+ Frame

+ Quote

+ Red Carpet

+ Unrated Actress/es
Some of them have been done before, but we can use the same ideas again if it's been years :D Thank you for your suggestions, I'll start with the ones that are new.
A few ideas for future challenges:

*Over 30 (Actresses over 30)
*Off center
*Dystopian Future

I had a lot of ideas when I decided to suggest some...and then promptly forgot the rest. lol
We already did Over 30, but not the others, thank you!

I'm not sure what kind of icons could be done for Dystopian Future thought.
in motion, funny face, favourite outfit, hand gesture (thumbs up, waving, etc.), casual, faceless, no eyes, emotion, mood, one word, big text, working (movie set, behind the scenes of a photoshoot, going to movie premieres etc.), best dressed (on red carpet), lyrics, summer, weird, new picture
Thank you for your suggestions! Most of them have been done before, but we can use the same ideas again if it's been years :D I'll start with the ones that are new.


February 11 2018, 10:07:36 UTC 3 months ago Edited:  February 11 2018, 10:09:33 UTC


+ Short hair
+ Curly hair
+ Favourite Co-star
+ Hair assessories
+ Handbag
Thank you for the suggestions! We did Short hair and curly hair in the past years, but we'll do them again eventually.
I’m not sure if these have been done yet or not, but here are some more theme suggestions. :)

1. Redheads
2. Actresses over 40
3. Actresses from the 1960s or earlier
4. Black and white
5. Landscape
6. Two or more actresses in one icon
7. Pastel colors
8. Action heroes
9. Period dramas
10. Red carpet fashion
11. Wearing Jeans
12. Actresses who can sing
13. favorite hairstyle
14. Movies or tv shows from the 90s
15. Award winners
Thanks, I'll look at my list of past challenges and start with the new ones. I often re-use the ideas when it's been long enough :)
Hi, here are some suggestions from my side.
1. Text - As in , all icons must have a text.
2. Texture use.
3. Negative space.
4. A specific color - e.g. Purple or red.
I have already done all of those, and I do a challenge on a color(s) every 10 challenges, but thank you for your comment. I always re-do the themes after a while anyway, so they will be used again for sure :)