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Alexia Lisa Drake

Welcome - Questions - Suggestions

Welcome to actress_ic :D

If you are not familiar with icontest communities, please read the rules in the profile first.

- Do you have any questions about this community?
- Do you have any suggestions for future challenges?
- Your opinion matters, so please comment to this post!

The comments are screened, so don't be shy :D

Should you wish to spread to words about this community, there are promo codes under the cut that you can copy and paste in journals, communites or comments.

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Some themes that might be interesting:

- vintage (the icon should look like an old pic/have some kind of aging effect on it)
- dressed up/down (the claimed actress dressed to the nines/for an event; or down to jeans & shirt or less)
- outdoors
- black & white/splash of color (the object is b/w, the background colored or vice versa)
- with animals (either in a role they played or a photoshoot)
- significant other/family
- old vs new (their first appearance vs. the latest)
- valentine's day
Thank you for your suggestions :)

Here are some ideas:

1. Purple (actresses wearing the color or it being featured in the icon some how).
2. Actresses + hair porn.
3. Young actresses (17 or younger).
4. Fairytale characters (tv or movie).
5. Favorite characters (tv or movie).
6. Actresses + animals.

Thank you for your suggestions! Some of those have been done before, but they can be done again :D
I don't know if those are already done.

White Background
colors ( give one color to make icons or 4 colors for 4 icons.)
wearing Hat
Short Hair
social network pic ( etc... fb,twitter,Instagram)
Song title
Blonde Actress
Blue Eyes Actress
Looking up / down
Water/ Wet
+1 ( with another Actress)
Almost all of those have been done before, but we can use the same ideas again if it's been years :D Thank you for your suggestions, I'll start with the ones that are new.
Some theme suggestions:

+ Favourite Character

+ Favourite Screenshot

+ Object

+ Texture

+ Grunge

+ Frame

+ Quote

+ Red Carpet

+ Unrated Actress/es
Some of them have been done before, but we can use the same ideas again if it's been years :D Thank you for your suggestions, I'll start with the ones that are new.

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Well, as you said in a comment above:
I'll try to do every challenge, but I do have uni so I'll let you know when I can't do them.

You could do them each challenge, and tell me when you cannot do them? It would help me a lot, doing the banners takes me more time than all the other post combined, because it takes me forever to decide on which texture, and which text to use. *facepalm* If you changed your mind and thinks it's too much, we could alternate turns.

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Haha, no worries, and thank you :)

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The banner makers have always been Mods in the past, so that's why I did not know it was set to only allow Mods to create/add tags. Thank you for telling me, I have changed the settings, and you will now be able to tag your entries :)